We have the privilege of hearing from people all the time who tell us how their lives and families have been greatly impacted by our church family and ministry. Giving creates these opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise exist. Charity Church is totally funded by you, the church. Lives that are changed every week are because you give of yourself to make it happen.

All giving information is held in full confidentiality.

Auto Bank Payment

1. Go to your bank’s website

  • If you already have a user name and password for online banking, sign in. If you do not have a user name for online banking, you
    will need to create one. Follow the prompts on the screen.

  • Find your account using your social security number, debit card number or bank account number.

2. Add a payee: “Charity Church - 2700 S. Tibbs Ave. Indianapolis, Indiana 46241”

  • Leave the account number blank.

3. Select pay bills

4. Select Charity Church (or Tabernacle).

5. Type in the amount

6. Type in the memo line a designated code:

  • T / Tithes

  • G / General Offering

  • M / Missions

  • B / Benevolence

  • O / Other (Please be specific: Event Registration, etc...)

7. Click “Submit”

Cash or Check

Checks can be made out to Charity Church and given in the offering or received at our offices. Cash is also accepted as well. We encourage you to use the offering envelopes provided so your giving history can be logged as a part of your annual giving records that we offer to you quarterly. This is very helpful in regard to your being able to claim these gifts during the annual tax season.

If desired, you can go really old school and mail in your donation. Our address is 2700 S. Tibbs Ave. Indianapolis, Ind 46241

Mobile Giving

Text your giving to 317-584-8283.
NOTE: The first time, you will have to register your bank account information.