Is Jesus a Liar?

We know that Scripture says the Devil is the father of lies. It’s his native tongue. He’s fluent in LIAR! Wouldn’t you think that if we knew someone to be a great liar that we’d learn to doubt and have second thoughts about what that liar says? And yet, we so often are duped into believing the lies of the enemy. None of us want to be naïve or suckered by the devil, so we come up with creative terms that make us feel better about believing these lies. We say things like, “I’m just being realistic”, “It’s just the facts”, or “That’s just the way it is”. These are code phrases that justify lies we’ve believed.

I get it… The Gospel is so outrageous that it is sometimes hard to grasp. We can be forgiven? Our past can be washed white as snow and separated from us as far as the east is from the west? Really??? Sounds too good to be true!

The "realist" thinks the consequences of his past will always haunt him. Jesus COMPLETELY RESTORES! The enemy works to convince us that Jesus will only partially redeem our wasted years. That is a lie! There can be a future without a trace of your past! The fact may be that you royally messed things up, but the truth is that Jesus can make a message from your mess. “That’s just the way it is” is an excuse to let yourself off the hook of having to rise and make the changes that Christ has challenged us to make via authentic repentance.

STOP BELIEVING A KNOWN LIAR and begin listening to the words of Jesus! Don’t just listen to the words of Jesus, believe them! They’re truth and in them is redemptive power. Jesus came to set captives free, free from the power of the past to ruin the future! Remember, we Christians don’t have a past… we only have a future!

Is Jesus a liar? Absolutely not! Do you believe Jesus? I hope so! The GOSPEL is the GOOD NEWS! It’s good news that Jesus has for you. It’s truth that triumphs over the facts! This news is in your favor believer! BELIEVE IN JESUS!

Where in your life have you believed a lie? Identify that lie – expose it, nail it to the cross and never let that lie live again!

Believe the words and truths of Jesus that bring liberty, not in the lies of the enemy that bring despair and captivity. Be FREE! Jesus came to set us free!