What a week can do!

I'm just amazed! Last Sunday I announced that Pastor David would be in the lobby handing out a sheet of paper with a list of things we could gather for those suffering from devastating floods in Louisiana. Since that time this has flowered into something much bigger than I had imagined. Pastor David Gibson and Todd Francis posted a video on Facebook that was viewed nearly 4,000 times. This morning I was live on the radio (98.7), while others were on the local News channels. What began as an effort to collect enough items to fill a 10' trailer has now grown into four trucks at four locations, in other words... "LOT'S OF STUFF"! 

LET ME JUST SAY... I LOVE WHEN GODS PEOPLE DO SOMETHING ABOUT DARKNESS! The problem with the world isn't that the darkness is so deep, it's simply that no one thought to turn the lights on! THAT'S US! Jesus said we are salt and light. He didn't tell us that so we'd feel warm fuzzy's. He told us that so that we'd understand our purpose. Light is best served in darkness. Salt is best served in bitter and sour places. Let's go far beyond just going to church, let's BE THE CHURCH!

We say it often at Charity. LOVE DOES! Don't just care for someone... CARRY someone!

I'm honored that this be my first blog post! I'm thrilled to be able to LOVE GOD by serving alongside people like you! 

I pray all of us would remain and continue to cultivate a heart of generosity in ourselves. GIVE, GIVE, GIVE! You'll be glad you did! GIVE: smiles, time, affirmation, food, talent, patience, money, hugs, kindness, hope, encouragement, 2nd chances, opportunities, & LOVE! We all have something that we have plenty of that we can give extravagantly! 

I pray we all find the deeply fulfilling joy of giving. There's no human on Earth more miserable than a selfish person and God does NOT want you miserable! 

Blessings to your day!

Paul A. Slagle