If service is beneath you, leadership is beyond you.

Every believer should have one goal. We all have specifically unique talents in our life that should lead us to this single end-game... TO BE LIKE JESUS! There's no profound revelation in my statement, this is something we already know, and yet we often lose sight of what our purpose is. Let's reset the calibration of our lives. Let's ensure we're functioning optimally by reflecting on this one thing... Are we succeeding or failing at the goal of being transformed into the servant likeness of Jesus? 

Left to itself our heart will grow cold, selfish and further from that of Christ. It requires supernatural help to have a heart that can endure life's troubles and remain soft enough to be fashioned into a selfless servant of love. 

A great way for us to verify our hearts status is to reflect on our service to others. Before we move on, I'm talking about serving where there is no monetary payment or earthly reward. True service has no tangible earthly compensation. Do you serve? Where do you serve? Who do you serve? Answer these questions to discover the true condition of your heart. Compare the condition of your heart to that of Jesus as he is our standard. (We'll obviously come up short, but now we know where to start from!)

All of this to say... Charity Church family, you put a smile on my face and in my heart as you flooded the front of the auditorium at the conclusion of service yesterday to put your name on paper stating your willingness to serve. You are obviously maturing into a greater reflection of Jesus! Charity Church WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE! We WILL Love! We WILL SERVE! It will require of us, but it is Gods WILL for our lives!

You are ministers of light in a dark world! Go For It! I'm proud of you! I'm thankful for you!

Your Pastor