Let's Move On!

Whatever the pages of the book of "2016" now have written in them, a new chapter is just around the corner! We are BETTER than we were one year ago. We improved, learned, grew, and gained from the good and the bad! 

I am full of anticipation for 2017! This Saturday night at 8pm we will have our "Sunday on Saturday" church service that will take the place of our normal Sunday morning services this week. I have a WORD FROM HEAVEN for you this Saturday night! I hope you're there! Join us for this time of Worship and the Word and then stay after for a campus full of fun and food that will culminate with our gathering in Xenox to celebrate the launch of 2017. We'll then make our way outside and release hundreds of beautiful Chinese lanterns as an expression of our prayers ascending to heaven. (We welcome Jocklene Zweifel back as she'll be leading worship that night!) 

I believe 2017 is the year you discover more about your unique design and purpose on this Earth. Your personal fulfillment and happiness depends on it! It's a year of SYNERGY! Yep... That's our theme for the year. Months of prayer, meetings, pondering and consideration has lead us to adopt the term SYNERGY as our 2017 theme. The best part of this theme is that it includes you! The basic definition of Synergy is this: The interaction and cooperation of two or more agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. YOU ARE A PART! You're a cog, a gear in the machine that has to find your fit in order for the whole body to operate at its best. 

We is greater than Me!

Start the year right by gathering with the FAMILY on Saturday night at 8pm. Adventure Kids and Xenox Jr. High will have their normal gatherings. Some have asked... This Saturday night is the final opportunity for giving to be recorded for the 2016 fiscal year. 

Don't forget to register today for the first 7-weeks of Wednesday night Elective classes that begin on the 4th. Get more info and register here on www.becharity.com by clicking the link "electives" on the main page.

I'm thrilled to be on this journey with you! I personally have recognized some areas in me that require attention. Together we're better! Let's do this! SYNERGY!

Pastor Paul