Q6 Electives


There are 2 ways to pay for the Elective Class of your choosing.

  1. Write your name and the name of the elective on an envelope and place in the offering or wall safe.
  2. Text the amount, then the keyword: Elective (example: 10 Elective) to 317-584-8283 and follow the prompts.

Adventure Kids

Sign-up to volunteer in our nurseries for 8 weeks & then take a class during the next semester. Responsibilities include rocking babies, playing, & having tons of fun! The preschool teachers will teach an easy to use lesson that will be provided for you. Must fill out an application & have background check on file.

LEADER: Pastor Cayla Greene
NEEDS: 2 Volunteers for 0-2 Years / 2 Volunteers for Preschool (3-5 Years)


Chuck Norris: How to survive!

Attention Men: We are surrounded on every side and constantly bombarded. How can we more than survive, but thrive?... CHUCK NORRIS STYLE!

LEADER: Jason Monroe

COST: Free


Holy Spirit 101

We will explore the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer. What is the baptism of the Holy Spirit? Is it a separate experience from salvation? Is it just a onetime experience or should it continue to affect my relationship with God? Should all believers speak in tongues? What is the purpose and the benefits of speaking in other tongues? Have the gifts of the Spirit passed away?

LEADER: Pastor Kameron Poindexter

COST: Free

Return to Intimacy

What it is NOT, marriage counseling! What it is, enriching & strengthening your marriage relationship! Helping you (and us if Bob gets up to speak!) make marriage better! We will have an easy book, video & interacting questions. It’s going to be fun & light. This class not only will better your relationship as a couple, but your relationship with others will be better too! Return to Intimacy…. it’s not what you think, but it’s going to be great!

LEADER: Bob and Cheryl Rucker
COST: $15 per couple

Ascension: Young Adult Ministry

The years following High School are a crucial time to be grounded in Christ and in the local Church. You're going to be making some of your most important, life-determining decisions. Ascension is a community of young adults & young professionals (18-30) that want to connect with others at a similar stage of life. This is where young adults can have the opportunity to belong, serve, and have a voice to change the world around them. 

LEADER: Stephen and Brittany Albert
WHEN: Every Sunday at 6:30 PM @ the Albert's home
COST: Free

Total Money Makeover

Session 1 of Total Money Makeover is for anyone that is living paycheck to paycheck and especially those who believe their finances are in control of them. In this session, we will cover biblical financial principles and how to apply them to our lives in practical ways such as saving cash flow, reducing debt, how to work with creditors, controlling purchasing habits and negotiating win-win deals.

LEADER: Kirk Farmer
COST: $90 per household