MARCH 14 - MAY 2

There are 2 ways to pay for the Elective Class of your choosing.

  1. Write your name and the name of the elective on an envelope and place in the offering or wall safe.
  2. Text the amount, then the keyword: Elective (example: 10 Elective) to 317-584-8283 and follow the prompts.


Strength Based Marriage 

One of the biggest obstacles to a happy, strong marriage is a lack of understanding of yourself and your spouse. In Strengths Based Marriage, you’ll get the tools you need to dismantle that hurdle and develop a deeper and richer relationship with your spouse. Learn how to stop the cycle of pain, speak love to your spouse’s heart, and the secrets of a successful marriage. This class will give you ways to apply these profound insights to your marriage every day. Utterly practical and deeply insightful Strengths Based Marriage will forever change the way you see yourself, your spouse, and your marriage. (Class Limit: 12*) *Married or Engaged Couples Only.

LEADER: Mike and Charity Humphrey
COST: $10 (for workbook)
NEEDS: Strength Based Marriage workbook, Bible


Play The Man

Somewhere along the way, our culture lost its definition of manhood, leaving generations of men and men-to-be confused about their roles, responsibilities, relationships, and the reason God made them men. In Play the Man, we’ll help men understand what it means to be a man of God by unveiling seven virtues of manhood. We’ll share inspiring stories of manhood, including the true story of the hero and martyr Polycarp, who first heard the voice from heaven say, "Play the man." In addition, we’ll give practical advice on how to disciple the next generation of men. This class is for men who will settle for nothing less than fulfilling their highest calling to be the man and the father God has destined them to be.

LEADER: Jason Monroe and Rick Cain
COST: $10, for the workbook
NEEDS: Play The Man workbook, Bible


Conversational Prayer

Prayer has tremendous power to transform our lives. Unfortunately, many Christians have a difficult time developing a consistent, satisfying prayer life. In Conversational Prayer, discover the secrets of a fulfilling prayer life. Learn how to approach God with confidence that He hears you, view prayer as a conversation instead of a task, turn your worries into prayers, receive the answers you need from God, and much more in Conversational Prayer.

LEADER: Pastor David Gibson
COST: $0
NEEDS: Bible


Honor's Reward

Honor’s Reward unveils the powerful truth of an often-overlooked principle: the spiritual law of honor. If you understand and practice this virtue, you will attract blessing both now and for eternity. In this class, we’ll weave scriptural examples and personal stories to demonstrate the nature of honor's reward. You will dig deep into God’s Word and discover how your value and respect for others determines the rewards you receive. Understand the spiritual law of honor, see the three levels of honor’s rewards, discover how honor and dishonor can forever affect those around you, and revolutionize your family, career, ministry, and much more.

LEADER: Pastor Kameron Poindexter and Dirk Shaw
COST: $10
NEEDS: Honor's Reward workbook, Bible