We are family!

If you were to spend a few minutes with us you'd quickly discover just how "normal" we are. You'd find we have attitudes, insecurities, and moments that we'd rather no one know about. We want Charity to be a place where everyone can be comfortable with being honest about their struggles. If you can relate to this.. welcome to the family!

We are adopting.

Everyone deserves to have a loving example of family. The journey begins at our Connect Luncheon, which is hosted every few months.

Connect Luncheon is your opportunity to meet the pastors and leaders of Charity Church.

During this time you'll learn more about us; where we've been, where we are, and where we're going. It's free, childcare is provided, and it's conveniently scheduled to happen following our 11:30AM service at 1:00PM. We know life is crazy so we will make every effort to keep you less than 45 minutes.

For more info and to sign up click here.